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Residential Tenancies Act bill moves closer to passing Go

On Tuesday the 7th of July, the Select Committee released their report on the Residential Tenancies Act Amendment bill. The proposed changes remain much the same as the original, with a few recommendations being added after the public submissions process.     (Source:

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Partner’s residence breached tenancy agreement

More people living in a rental property than allowed under the tenancy agreement is a common problem, but a recent Tenancy Tribunal demonstrates why landlords should address this issue.     (Source:

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Landlord claims he was punched in the back of head, but fails in bid to evict tenant

A Bay of Plenty landlord has failed in his bid to evict his tenant, despite alleging his tenant's partner clocked him in the back of the head with a punch.     (Source:

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Landlords say concerns about Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill ignored

An update to the Residential Tenancies Act will reduce rental supply and worsen the housing crisis, says the Property Investors Federation. However, the Tenants Protection Association said the Bill just helped even up the balance between landlords and tenants.     (Source:

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Tenancy Risk Score

  Unique to the Property Management industry illion Tenancy introduced a new benchmark for tenant checking. Using a combination of credit bureau data plus tenancy data into an easy to read, easy to understand, comprehensive and accurate Tenancy Risk Score (TRS). Along with your TRS will be the Tenancy Risk Report showing the relevant information which is contributing to the score.
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