June 2022 Landlords should be focusing on higher yields and 14 Day Notice Lodgements
May 2022 Changes to the healthy homes standards coming and Tenancy Risk Score
April 2022 Changes to the healthy homes standards coming and Tenancy Risk Score
March 2022 Landlords: Don’t forget breach notices and Address Alerts
February 2022 Rental property managers would be licensed under government proposal and Share your Tenant Ratings and warnings
January 2022 Mega landlord claims refuted and New Zealand's national tenancy database
November 2021 Privacy Commissioner takes aim at intrusive landlords and False details on tenancy application forms
October 2021 Two big changes for landlords and tenants and Tenancy Tribunal orders online
September 2021 Rent levels countrywide and Public Checks
August 2021 Landlord fined $30k over illegal flat he rented out for more than three years and Passport Verifications
July 2021 What 1 July 2021 means for you and the healthy homes standards and Tenant Ratings and warnings
June 2021 Call to exempt long-term tenancies from new rental tax rules and Photo ID from tenants is important
May 2021 Rent controls not the answer and Keep your privacy waivers!
April 2021 Landlords could face jail if they form rent cartels and Driver Licence Verifications
March 2021 Changes to how tenancies can end and Ministry of Justice fines searches
February 2021 Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 - further changes now in force and 14 Day Notice Lodgements
January 2021 The lowdown on New Zealand's biggest tenancy reform in 35 years and New Zealand's national tenancy database
November 2020 New healthy homes standards compliance statements kick in on December 1 and Public Checks
October 2020 Landlord fined $1,000 for threatening to shoot tenant's dog and Tenant Lodgements
September 2020 Call for rent caps after freeze ends and Tenancy Risk Score
June 2020 Deadline extended for healthy homes standards compliance statement and Address Alerts
May 2020 Navigating level two: what landlords need to know and Tenant Ratings and warnings
April 2020 More than 1000 Tenancy Tribunal hearings adjourned due to Covid-19 and Lodge Tenancy Tribunal orders
March 2020 Landlords sound alarm over 'unlawful acts' in tenancy law reform and False details on tenancy applications
February 2020 Tenancy Tribunal's message for landlords who evict tenants out of spite and driver's licence verifications
January 2020 Defining getting heating right and Ministry of Justice Fines searches
November 2019 Landlords say Govt plans will make it harder to get rid of bad tenants and 14 Day Notices
October 2019 New ring-fencing rules in play and Personal Character Checks
September 2019 Real estate bosses campaign for regulation and Tenant Ratings and warning alerts
August 2019 New privacy guidelines welcomed and New Zealand's national tenancy database
July 2019 Tenants liable for careless damage – to a point and False details on application forms
June 2019 Call to license landlords and illion tenancy forms
May 2019 Tenant selection turned into a lotto draw and illion Tenancy stickers
April 2019 Property investors applaud decision not to implement capital gains tax and TRS
March 2019 Consents for Property Work and Passport Verifications
February 2019 Healthy Homes and Lodgements
January 2019 Insulation and Address Alerts
November 2018 Opposition to Govt proposals
October 2018 Letting fees and TRS
September 2018 Rental WOF's and Previous landlord links
August 2018 Consultation on RTA and Lodging 14 day notices
July 2018 Sniffer dogs and Current addresses on previous tenants
June 2018 The rise and fall of the Meth industry and Tenant report retrieval
May 2018 Asbestos Clarifications & Personal Character Checks
April 2018 The letting fee ban & Drivers lIcense verifations
March 2018 Rents rising & Application forms
February 2018 A utopian vision & Tenancy Forms
January 2018 The Meth Myth & Reputable Meth testers
December 2017 Christmas gifts & How they do things in China
November 2017 Rental WOF & Tenancy Risk Score
October 2017 Building compliance & Passport checks
September 2017 Cleaning Guide & Stickers
August 2017 Real references & TINZ warning alerts
July 2017 Social media & TINZ checks
June 2017 Dun & Bradstreet & TINZ
May 2017 Bond refunds & Address alerts
April 2017 Minors & Photo id's
March 2017 Advertising & Reference links
February 2017 Insurance & Tenant References
January 2017 Welcome pack & 14 day notices